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Eye and Health Check-up Camp Organized at Sanskar Vidyapeeth School

Eye and Health Check-up Camp Organized at Sanskar Vidyapeeth: 225 Patients Examined


On Sunday, a health check-up camp was held at Manju Dayama Memorial Sanskar Vidyapeeth, Chharwada, in collaboration with Urmil Multi-Speciality Hospital, Urmil Eye Hospital, and A to Z The event was inaugurated by Dr. Vinit Shah, Dr. Rutuja Shah, Dr. Dimple Shah Dr. Nirav Shah, the head of Sanskar Vidyapeeth BK Dayama, and Rahul Sharma, who ceremoniously lit the lamp to mark the beginning of the camp.

Between 10 AM to 2 PM, a total of 225 residents from the surrounding area participated in this extensive health camp. The Urmil team conducted 5 different examinations for various health issues mentioned.

Blood sugar, Blood pressure (BP), Blood cholesterol, Thyroid function level, Pulse oximetry, Physician consultation
Eye Testing: Distance visual acuity, Near visual acuity, Autoref (Computerized eye testing), Anterior segment examination; And Free Spectacles and Free Eyedrops were distributed for people with near-vision difficulty

In addition to the examinations, the camp provided free medicines to needy patients, ensuring that everyone had access to necessary treatments. Eye patients were also provided with glasses, helping to improve their vision and overall quality of life.

The camp was a significant step towards promoting health awareness and providing essential medical services to the community. The collaboration between Sanskar Vidyapeeth and the medical teams from Urmil Multi-Speciality Hospital and Urmil Eye Hospital ensured that the event was a success, bringing much-needed medical attention to many residents.

This health check-up camp is a testament to the ongoing commitment of these institutions to improve community health and well-being.

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